The venomous cheetah has three Different Body Systems:
1.Digestive System
2.Circulatory System
3.Endocrine System
Digestive System
In the digestive system there is the stomach which the food enters through. The food gets broken down in the stomach by gastric juices. Then, the food gets transferred down the small intestine. The small intestine then absorbs the food. Then, the waste from food that was in large intestine goes out the anus to be permanently removed from body.
Circulatory System
The second system is the circulatory system. This includes the heart which pumps blood within body, constantly receiving, purifying, and gives blood to different parts of body. Another organ is the lungs which stores oxygen and protects heart from damage. Without the heart or lungs, the venomous cheetah would die without it.
Endocrine System
In the endocrine system the venomous cheetah uses the pitituary gland. This is used for the hormones and growing and it is also used to reproduce with other animals. Also, they contain a thyroid gland which burns food to produce energy and contribute towards bone growth and proper development of brain. The last system in the endocrine system is the adrenal gland. This releases a hormone called epinephrine also known as adrenaline. This helps when the body is stressed which increases heart rate and also widens blood vessel and air passage to help gain more oxygen.
Size of Venomous Cheetah

Body length is 110-200 centlimeters, weight is 30-90 pounds, and height is 4 feet.